Introducing the "Legacy" Collection: a tribute to the timeless bond between mothers and their children, woven through the delicate symbolism of a tiny button.

Each piece in this collection, whether crafted from sterling silver or radiant gold, holds a button—a deeply personal emblem that connects us back to the roots of our journey in the world of jewellery. The button necklace was the original concept piece for Lulu & Levi. Just as a simple button holds two pieces of cloth together, our iconic button celebrates the bond between two people.

Inspired by a childhood filled with memories of a tin of buttons and moments spent beside my mother, this collection embodies the essence of remembrance, love, and the wisdom passed down through generations.  

The "Legacy" Collection is more than just jewellery; it's a celebration of the enduring legacy of all mothers—their love, strength, and protection that keep the fabric of families together. The button, in its simplicity, symbolizes the pivotal role of mothers in mending and nurturing through life's challenges.

Designed especially for those who cherish the connection with their mothers. 

"Legacy" is an homage to my own mother, the original inspiration behind the journey, and a proud recognition of the values and love she instilled in me—a legacy I am honored to continue.

Embrace the "Legacy" Collection as a symbol of the unbreakable bonds of family, love, and the timeless wisdom of mothers everywhere.

18 products

18 products