Introducing our Linked For Life Collection

Introducing our Linked for Life jewellery collection

If you’re a lover of jewellery, forever scrolling online or with your nose pressed up against the glistening windows of the high street, then you’ll probably have seen lots of linked style necklaces or eternity necklaces. Our award-winning Goldsmith, Elaine Sarah tells us more about the inspiration behind our new Linked for Life jewellery collection.

So what’s different about the Lulu & Levi Linked for Life jewellery? 

Well let me tell you that what may seem like a very simple little design requires lots of thought and consideration to create the perfect balance which in turn creates the beauty and elegance that our necklaces exude. It’s what makes our jewellery both precious and of exceptional quality. 

What inspired you to create and design the Linked for Life jewellery collection?

A piece of jewellery is a way of expressing who you are without ever saying a word. It says “this is me, my ethos, my values, what’s important to me, who I aspire to be, it represents what I’m all about. All that from a piece of jewellery I hear you saying sceptically but let’s consider it for a minute. If you examine how you dress each day, how you choose one outfit over the other, how one day you may feel like a queen in one outfit and feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in the same outfit another day?

Subconsciously it’s our state of mind each day helping us decide who and what we want to portray to the world that greets us on that day. Some days I feel like a warrior, I feel like the world could come at me and I could conquer all its challenges. But on those other days that I feel so completely vulnerable or insecure or uncomfortable in myself, I find need to arm myself with as many things that will help me feel a little more secure. I may want to wear something dark or bold to try overcome it, something that makes me feel like “I got this” Or I may just want people to know to be gentle and kind to me that day so I find I dress accordingly. 

But on those days when things are going smoothly and I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin I try to treat myself with love and compassion and a little bit “extra”, I want something that says “ I deserve the BEST!”

I want my jewellery to make you feel amazing, I want it to help you express your true self and be proud to wear it every day. This is not about dripping in diamonds (although we can dream right??). It’s about loving who you are and wanting the world to know the real you. 

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Not just your typical boy meets girl love, but Love as a whole which so many people forget. Don’t forget to also Love YOU this Valentines Day! 

I designed our “ Linked for Life” Collection with this in mind, because it has to feature “you” in each piece. It’s not possible to have a piece in this collection without first starting with you! The Linked for Life Collection tells a story of a lifetime throughout each piece in the collection. It tells of where you are in your own life journey and can be adapted and customised as you travel along your own path in life. 

Personalised jewellery which celebrates treasured moments is really important to Lulu & Levi. How can you personalise the Linked for Life collection?

The first piece in the collection is “Unity”. All other pieces in the Linked for Life Collection feature a unity link. It represents being at one with yourself and being proud of who you are, loving yourself to your core. The circle is never-ending, once you learn to love yourself everything else falls into place and the cycle runs smoothly. I designed this piece to be a daily reminder that its’s more than ok to love and be proud of yourself and you’re journey. It says “I am enough ” 

The Magical Journey is about that amazing transformation each woman makes when becoming a Mother. It’s one of the most precious of all journeys and yet we don’t seem to ever give it its due credit. We celebrate the Mother and we celebrate the baby, but I find that we forget about those precious 8 or 9 months of pure Magic.

Not only are you growing a tiny little human inside of you but on the outside, you are transforming into a different type of human being. A Mum, Mam, Mom, Mother, Mama! Whichever you decide to be called your name now will take a backseat! You’re becoming a Mother, something you don’t really understand just yet, but the transformation just happens all on its own. All sorts of changes are happening to your mind body and soul. You will gain these supernatural strengths and all sorts of intuitions and the deepest deepest LOVE you will ever know.

But I also designed this piece for those already Mothers, because it’s only when your children are taking their first independent steps into the big bad world and beginning to create their own path and live their own lives, that we truly realise how precious those 9 months were, when they were on the inside, safe and warm, and we felt like we could protect them forever. It’s our way of helping you hold on to those precious feelings during that magical time. This piece is probably the closest to my own heart, every time I go to Crumlin hospital and a new facet of illness is added to our family story, I find myself thinking back to the time when they were safely tucked away inside protected from the outside world. 

Just the Two of us is the story of a precious connection between two people. It represents two lives intertwined for life. Whether it’s the joining of a couple, an engagement, a wedding, two lives joined moving seamlessly together. 

But it also represents the unbreakable bond between two sisters, friends, family, a person so close to you that you might not always see but your links remain strong over distance or time you’re truly linked for life. 

Each of the pieces in the Linked for Life Collection represents a different Love but overall the theme is Love, a deep and meaningful Love like no other. 

Which Linked for Life piece of jewellery will you be wearing for Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day celebrate love like you’ve never celebrated love before. Take this time to reflect on those around you, those you hold close to your heart, those who make this life a beautiful one. A sister, who you fought with all through your teen years but who has always had your back. A best friend, who has been there through the bad times and the best times! Your Partner or husband, who never remembers to put the toilet seat down but always bring home a carton of milk or calls to see how your day is going, That person who you can't wait to talk to at the end of the day. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about after all, Love. 


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