Care & Cleaning

Our jewellery is made from solid sterling silver. Our gold pieces are then coated in a thick layer of 18ct rose or yellow gold. Our pieces are lovingly designed in Ireland and personalised in our own workshop by our skilled goldsmith, individually piece by piece.  

Silver will tarnish over time if exposed to certain elements or atmospheric conditions so please read these tips on what you can do a few things to avoid this.

All of our pieces are coated in rhodium to prolong the beauty and shine. We always recommend removing your jewellery before swimming or taking part in any sports/exercise. Our jewellery is delicate in design and may break if worn during sports etc. Silver is porous and chlorine will damage the metal and will also turn any  plating black. Sprays, perfumes, oils, moisturisers, tans, creams etc will cause damage to your jewellery so try avoid these or put your jewellery on very last thing.

Never leave jewellery within reach of small children as it may be a choking hazard or may get broken. 

It's always best to sterilise earrings before putting them in ears first time round. To do this simply use boiling water with salt and dip them in it for a few minutes then rinse and leave to cool. Personally I wear these all the time and rarely take them out but on occasion its still a good idea to repeat the cleaning process from time to time. 

To clean jewellery gently wipe with a damp cloth or a soft polish cloth when necessary or add a drop of washing up liquid to hot water and use a baby soft toothbrush depending on the level of cleaning needed. Always always ensure the piece is completely dry and kept away from damp conditions as dampness will cause it to tarnish. last thing. 

Our earrings contain small parts so NEVER leave these with small children as they may swallow them. Never leave them within reach of babies or small children. These earrings are meant for older children and adults. If you are putting these in small children's ears please ensure they are securely in the ears and that your child will not take them out themselves.