Our Story

Lulu & Levi is about Families, both Ours & Yours! 

Named after Poppy Lou & Jacob Levi, Lulu & Levi was created after our family went through a particularly tough time. 

Sit back and let me tell you a little back story to give you some context.... 

ElaineSarah is an extremely talented Goldsmith, She won lots of awards for her innovative and creative designs, She created beautiful bespoke and custom jewellery for lots of people over her 16 years and more as a jewellery designer and Goldsmith. Yes she started designing jewellery when she was just a little girl and she would sell her little bracelets at local markets. She was always more interested in creating something rather than playing outside with her brothers and sisters. In 2009 she went on Dragons Den and secured her first investment to build her business Button & Co. at the time and it was very successful selling in over 40 stores in Ireland the U.K and New York. 

Unfortunately after 8 years of building her dream business she became extremely unwell during the birth of her second baby (Poppy) and ended up with a very bad case of sepsis.

The way we see it Mother's are like buttons because they hold things together. No matter what life throws at Mums they just push on and fight to protect their families and that is just what she did.

We wanted to create something that would symbolise this strength. 

 The button symbolises holding it all together with the strength, love, & protection. It celebrates the bond between two (or more) people.

 LULU & LEVI was born on the ideals of Families supporting Families. When ElaineSarah got ill it put a huge strain on all of our family but we have an amazing community of family and friends around us who came together to support us. We realised not everyone is as lucky as us to have such amazing people around them so we decided to build a community of strong families through support, empowerment and friendships. We wanted to create a space where people could come together to support each other when times get tough. We want to help people create precious memories with those closest to them. 

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By buying our jewellery know that you are helping a family business, to reach our mission of supporting other families. 

 Family is what's closest to our hearts and this is why Lulu & Levi was created. 

From our family to yours, Thank you for your support X