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For those of you who weren't aware. Towards the end of August we launched our new online community group 'My Lulu & Levi Family'

When we started Lulu & Levi we always had to the intention of creating something that would allow us to give back and support others and our new online community is a big part of that plan.

Our two main passions in life are family and jewellery, so we wanted to create something that celebrated both and so Lulu & Levi was born. Named after our two kids and designed to celebrate families and those special bonds we share and the memories we hold closest to our hearts.

A little about our family...

A little bit of background is always good I believe in the journey of how we ended up here. After some major unexpected changes in our life that we were not prepared for one bit our whole life got turned upside down.

The arrival of our little baby girl Poppy Louise was not all the magic it should have been. We spent the next two years fighting hard for my wife's health as she battled sepsis from the start which hadn't been caught before it began to do its damage.

We spent most of this time either constantly in hospital with the longest stay being nearly three months, at home in essentially what was a make shift hospital room with all the bells and whistles that come with it or going to hospital appointments for the kids as they had there own stuff going on to top it all off.

I lost my job as I wasn't able to keep up with the demands of the industry while fighting to keep my family safe and making sure we came through it all and we had to close down our previous business as we were not able for the pressure and demands of it all in the situation. Its a very hard place to find yourself in and one of the main reasons we got through it and are strong enough to be still fighting through it is the support we had around us.

You cannot imagine the value of even the simple things when something like this happens. We are very aware of how lucky we were to have this support but at the same time we are very conscious of the amount of people who don't have it available to them. Sometimes something even as simple as getting the right bit of advice or talking to someone who has been through something you don't think you will be strong enough to overcome can make the world of difference.

We have learned that by learning to adapt and deal with all that life has thrown at us that we are better equipped to face new hurdles as they appear before us.

Our journey is by no means finished and we still continue to fight our battle but we have learned so much along the way that can be of great value to others.

A little bit about our My Lulu & Levi Family

My Lulu & Levi Family has been created as a little space for fun family tips, parenting advice, ideas, recipes, connecting people in need of support, a little giggle and more. We are here to celebrate families of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

We believe there is great power in connecting people from all around the world and with the tools available to do this right from the phone or tablet most of us spend a lot of our day in front of, its time.

We will be developing our community as it grows by getting you our followers input, with the aim of providing information, stories, advice, tips, support and so much more. We want the community to be about having a place to communicate and connect no matter what your different circumstances are or where you are from.

We want to connect and grow our community with people from all around the world. We are passionate about celebrating life's most treasured moments and the lasting memories they create. 

Get a sneak peak behind the scenes here at Lulu & Levi as we make all your jewellery and share with us some of the magic of life and the everyday events we all experience.

Family is only defined by the people who you let into your life to share it with and keep close to your heart. Sometimes when we are open to it great things can come from the most unexpected places that can have a profound impact on our lives.

If you would like to join the Lulu & Levi family just visit our Facebook group.

Mum's supporting  Mum's is what we believe in, not forgetting the super dooper Dads too like the one in our house! Family is what's closest to our heart and this is why Lulu & Levi was created.

Mark, Lulu & Levi





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