Purchasing with Purpose what does it mean?

As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

But what does that have to do with us?

Well, If I'm honest with you the whole idea of Lulu & Levi from the start was to give myself a purpose, to have something that would feed my soul and allow me something else to focus on during a time when my poor health and low self esteem seemed to be the only consistent thing in our lives. I needed some way of moving forward out of my negative mindset, allowing myself the freedom to dream of something better. Lulu & Levi began as a distraction, a way of avoiding my own problems but quickly became something much more important. I realised that there's no point in doing anything unless it's going to have a positive impact on other people's lives. 

I sent off an email and ended up speaking to the most wonderful woman, Linda, who was so gentle and sensitive to my own health situation and my need to help others in order to feel like I can do some good with my life. Even though I've never met Linda in person I feel like I've known her forever. Hearing her speak about her own Mum and why they started the Marie Keating Foundation, I just felt that even though our experiences were different, there were elements that I could identify with. So many people are affected by the trauma that health related grief & loss brings and it's just amazing to be able to turn it into something that can help others going through it themselves and so began our special partnership with The Marie Keating Foundation. 

All too often the world of jewellery is seen as luxurious and at times even frivolous, definitely not a necessity, However, I emplore you to consider each purchase you make for a second. Each thing you buy has a purpose, be that to support another family business in turn, support a local family, creating joy for the creator the buyer and the receiver all at the same time, spreading happiness in that single moment.

You know the way people say that when a small business owner receives a sale they do a little happy dance? Well it's true, even if we don't actually get up and dance we do feel all warm and fuzzy. That moment when we receive a sale we feel connected to you and we are content in the knowledge that we are doing something worthwhile, because the knock on effect that each purchase will have is greater than you imagine.

It's what keeps families and communities thriving, it creates smiles and makes the receiver feel loved and appreciated, it let's them know how precious they are to you. Each and every purchase you make with a small business has huge meaning to everyone involved. It benefits a family who may be also going through tough times, it helps small communities remain active and progressing and it creates a thriving local economy which in turn creates a beautiful community for you and your kids or grandkids to live and grow in. And as that small business grows and gives back to it's community be it through charity and sponsorship of local events ultimately you are helping create a beautiful little life for everyone.

I hope this gives you a little insight into how purchasing with purpose works. The ripples and knock on effect of how one little purchase from a business can contribute to society and create a huge world shift. 

Now that doesn't seem so luxurious or frivolous after all does it? 

Thank you so much for your love & support and for taking the time to sit and listen to my musings, I hope you'll join me again next time.

Lots of Love, ElaineSarah X

P.s The Boobie image above is by a local Artist Sassy Jac who you can follow over on instagram @sassyjac.ie or click here to purchase her artwork

Boobie Artwork

 And you can click this link to find out more about the Marie Keating Foundation

Marie Keating Foundation

And of course if you would like to shop with us you know you can just click here

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