Tree Of Life

The Tree of Life collection, a symbol Personal Growth, Strength and Beauty.

The tree of life is a symbol of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. Each tree is unique like us and although their leaves fall away, when conditions are right they come back time and time again, each time stronger and better than before. Especially when faced with sickness or health complications, we can look to the tree of life for hope, motivation & inspiration.

It celebrates our connection to the earth and a higher power. It's roots grounding us and helping to remain steady on our life's path, the branches allowing us to flourish and grow to reach out to connect with others.

Each of us are unique in design just like the trees around us, slowly but steadily moving forward, effortlessly growing at our own pace.

Wearing these pieces we are reminded that we too possess the same strength, beauty and ability to persevere and grow just like the Tree of Life.

3 products

3 products