Who wouldn't want to win free jewellery every month??? .... my thought's exactly! 

I was sitting at home the other day thinking how amazingly lucky I am to have such loyal and wonderful supporters. People who have followed my jewellery journey for so many years before Lulu&Levi and then on into this adventure! I know so many of you from the days when we had a shop but since then we rarely get to see our actual customers and boy do I miss your faces!

Click Image to view Infinite Love Jewellery Collection

We chatted it over at Lulu &Levi HQ and decided to launch... "How do you wear your Lulu&Levi jewellery?" So that we can see your wonderful selves! 

Simply Tag us @lululevijewellery in your photos on Facebook or Instagram or even TIKTOK and add #myluluandlevi to show us you and your stunning Lulu&Levi jewellery!

Click Image to view Pearl Collection

Then we thought, how fabulous would it be to reward our most wonderful and loyal tribe for helping us spread the word about our jewellery and our mission? So we decided that each month we will select one of the posts or photos to win one of our precious pieces of jewellery. 

Click image to view Shine Bright Collection


This month the prize will be our sterling silver Tree of Life earrings. Winner will be announced online 31/05/21 

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